Earth Day Tips

Apr 22, 2013

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Earth-friendly living need not be complicated.




In celebration of Earth Day, our team shares simple lifestyle choices that they’ve made to reduce their impact on the environment…


I like to use my used coffee grounds as a plant fertilizer and it is also known to be a deterrent for cats.  – Alex, Graphic Designer


Grow your own herbs.  They are expensive at the store and they don’t keep long. Also, the store has limited fresh herbs…can’t always find what you need. So I started growing my own!  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator


My commute to work is by bike, and I carpool during the winter months.  – Thom, Creative Director


Use less tupperware: Pack your salads for lunch by putting the dressing at the bottom, then the vegetables, then the lettuce. This way the lettuce doesn’t get soggy and you can dress the salad simply by lightly rotating the container.  – Paul, Graphic Designer


I take an eclectic approach when styling my wardrobe and home –  mixing quality, modern pieces with upcycled or repurposed vintage finds.  – Amy, Social Media Associate


I have chosen to live downtown in Winnipeg’s Exchange District to be in close proximity to pretty much everything by bicycle or on foot. Something that I am keen to try out is a live compost.  – Charles, Marketing Photographer


Now it’s your turn. What are your go-to tips and tricks for living with less impact?


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