Party Planning: Earth Day Party

Apr 19, 2013

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Bring friends together for an Earth Day celebration.




Less is definitely more, here. Feast on light and locally grown fare, infused with fresh herbs, and serve homemade wine in beautiful glass and oak carafes. Decorate with a spare hand – layering tables with bamboo placemats and potted herbs and plants – so as to keep the party’s focus on food and friendship.


Party Planning: 5 Earth Day entertaning essentials   1. Sagaform Fix Herb Pot ($39.95) / 2. Sade Placemats ($4.99) / 3. Urbio Happy Family Kit ($75.00) / 4. Sagaform Oak Wine Carafe ($34.95) / 5. Sagaform Mezzaluna ($39.95)


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