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Instagram: April 2013

Apr 30, 2013

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Living and working in Winnipeg, our team is well equipped to combat a long Canadian winter. But, when April showers are replaced with more snowstorms, even we start to get antsy for spring! As we bid farewell to April – and hopefully the cold temps too – we thought it might be fun to step outside the office and round up each of our favourite Instagrams from our own personal accounts this month.


Here’s a look at how each of us survived the late cold snap…




decorating with indoor plants and florals / sipping a steamy cup of coffee / dreaming of bicycle season / escaping on work travels (our product development coordinators, Madi and Carla, were overseas this month – Madi went to Indonesia and Carla to China) / finding beauty in frosty days / cozying up inside great interiors / savoring good bites / warming up with nostalgic inventions


Instagrams taken by members of our marketing and product design and development teams.

For more great Instagrams, follow our company account @EQ3_Furniture.

Live Like This: Breakfast In Bed

Apr 26, 2013

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Live like this…




Make Mom’s day with a simple morning spread. Serve up an assortment of cheeses, complimented with artisanal bread and fresh fruit salad. Then, sweeten up the menu with yogurt, crunchy granola, and a sparkling beverage. Complete the look by highlighting culinary creations with hotel-style accents like a wooden bed tray, modern white serving dishes and other beautiful tabletop accessories.


Left to Right: Alder Serving Bowls ($27.99 per set) / Sagaform Oval Oak Bed Tray ($85.95) / Design House Stockholm Fia Carafe ($69.00)




If you’re looking for the perfect present to compliment your breakfast surprise, browse our Mother’s Day Gift Guide online at eq3.com.

Making A Rug

Apr 24, 2013

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Our rug story.




DESIGN / All of our rugs are handmade in India, with many of them being designed in-house, right here at EQ3’s head office.


PRODUCTION / Yarn is spun and custom dyed to our designers’ specifications. It is then hung to dry – typically outside in the sun, making India’s climate perfect for this, though drying chambers are used during rainy season. Dried yarn is then manufactured into a rug, using one of the following techniques: Hand Tufted or Hand Woven.


Carla, EQ3’s Product Development Coordinator, travelled to India last fall for a first-hand look at the process. She noted how, in India, rug manufacturing is “more than a factory, it’s a craft” with skills and techniques being passed down from generation to generation. She returned with a beautiful collection of photographs capturing the process…



Above: Local artisans open yarn by hand.



Above (top): Carla, EQ3’s Product Development Coordinator, lends a hand in dyeing yarn, as per our custom specifications. Above (bottom): Yarn hangs out to dry under the hot Indian sun.



Above: Artisans spin yarn and work the handloom.


What details do you consider when shopping for a rug?  Design? Construction? Colours?


Note: EQ3 employs factories that are SA8000 certified, which is a code of conduct standards, enforcing standards against child labour and forced labour, as well as standards on health, safety and discrimination.

Earth Day Tips

Apr 22, 2013

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Earth-friendly living need not be complicated.




In celebration of Earth Day, our team shares simple lifestyle choices that they’ve made to reduce their impact on the environment…


I like to use my used coffee grounds as a plant fertilizer and it is also known to be a deterrent for cats.  – Alex, Graphic Designer


Grow your own herbs.  They are expensive at the store and they don’t keep long. Also, the store has limited fresh herbs…can’t always find what you need. So I started growing my own!  – Carla, Product Development Coordinator


My commute to work is by bike, and I carpool during the winter months.  – Thom, Creative Director


Use less tupperware: Pack your salads for lunch by putting the dressing at the bottom, then the vegetables, then the lettuce. This way the lettuce doesn’t get soggy and you can dress the salad simply by lightly rotating the container.  – Paul, Graphic Designer


I take an eclectic approach when styling my wardrobe and home –  mixing quality, modern pieces with upcycled or repurposed vintage finds.  – Amy, Social Media Associate


I have chosen to live downtown in Winnipeg’s Exchange District to be in close proximity to pretty much everything by bicycle or on foot. Something that I am keen to try out is a live compost.  – Charles, Marketing Photographer


Now it’s your turn. What are your go-to tips and tricks for living with less impact?

Party Planning: Earth Day Party

Apr 19, 2013

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Bring friends together for an Earth Day celebration.




Less is definitely more, here. Feast on light and locally grown fare, infused with fresh herbs, and serve homemade wine in beautiful glass and oak carafes. Decorate with a spare hand – layering tables with bamboo placemats and potted herbs and plants – so as to keep the party’s focus on food and friendship.


Party Planning: 5 Earth Day entertaning essentials   1. Sagaform Fix Herb Pot ($39.95) / 2. Sade Placemats ($4.99) / 3. Urbio Happy Family Kit ($75.00) / 4. Sagaform Oak Wine Carafe ($34.95) / 5. Sagaform Mezzaluna ($39.95)

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